Who We are

Al-Athad for safeguarding

Al-Athad for safeguarding is 100 percent Iraqi-owned Company, Our headquarters are in Basra, and we also covered the work in South & North of Iraq. Al-Athad has a record of performance and experience in all aspects of security delivery in Iraq, dating from 2004.

Al-Athad has taken part in the reconstruction of Iraq since the inception and has continuously delivered security services to local and foreign governments as well as national and international companies from all commercial sectors.

Al-Athad maintains a reputation for professional and innovative solutions to such challenges as convoy escorts, personal security details, and close protection in harsh and uncompromising locations throughout Iraq.

Al- Athad is committed to providing its customers with the most flexible solutions to meet their security needs involving a combination of products and services.

Al- Athad delivers a full suite of security and protection services for clients ( Local and foreign )  including designing and delivering complex security management systems for remote, austere and fragile environments through to the provision of security services to mitigate loss, support health, safety and environment systems.

Securtiy Work License (English) 20-09-2015

We are fully licensed to operate in all regions of Iraq. We are registered with the ministry of interior by the number 72.

Securtiy Work License (Arabic) 20-09-2015